Reusable And Washable Face Masks by My Reusable Mask | News

  • Classic and Spring range face coverings - what's the difference?

    Should I choose a Classic mask or a Spring range? They're all 3 layers, reusable washable and antibacterial with the same high level of protection against Covid-19 and other airborne bacteria. Mostly that decision comes down to personal choice about how you like your mask to fit. Get in touch with us to help with the decision if you're having trouble!
  • How should I look after my reusable, washable face covering?

    How and how often to wash your reusable face mask? The answer - after every wear! Wear, wash, reuse - up to 30 times for maximum protection.
  • Face coverings - love them or hate them?

    Face Coverings - love them or hate them? Are you wearing reusable, washable masks to do your bit for the environment? 

    Your feelings might have changed now that the Australian Spring has hit - our Spring range is perfect for this warmer weather.